Terms of Business and Licensing



EasyPlusPlus ApS (hereinafter “EasyPlusPlus”) software is provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and without any liability whatsoever. Any use of the Software is considered an acceptance of the License Terms. EasyPlusPlus grants the licensee an assignable and non-exclusive ongoing right of use (license) for the acquired EasyPlusPlus product (hereinafter referred to as the Product).

The current license includes, at the time of entering into the license agreement, the most recently drafted and released version of the Product, as well as access and right of use to the most recent versions of the Product available at all times in respect of the functionality that the Product had in the acquisition of the license. EasyPlusPlus reserves the right to make significant changes to the Product at any time, including adding and modifying the functionality.

The license granted is a company license, so that the licensee may install and use the Product with / by all employees of the licensee’s company.

Licensee may only copy the Product if it serves the following purposes:

the copies are used for archiving or security purposes,

the copies are used for installation of the Product by the licensee’s employees,

mandatory rules prescribe the licensee’s right to copy.

Licensee grants EasyPlusPlus the right to designate the licensee for reference, including by mentioning the licensee’s name in a marketing context and using the licensee’s logo on the EasyPlusPlus website and other marketing material. Licensee may revoke the consent for this use at any time with one month’s written notice.

Intellectual property rights

EasyPlusPlus has the full copyrights and any other intellectual property rights to the Product.

Licensee may only dispose of the Product under the terms described in these license terms. Licensee may not at any time lend, rent, sell, pledge or otherwise assign the Product or its rights. Licensee must also not allow third parties to use or dispose of the Product.

Licensee may not reverse engineer the Product or allow any third party to do so or otherwise assist or encourage it.

Any infringement of EasyPlusPlus’ intellectual property rights, including the licensee’s inadmissible dealings with the Product, which enables a third party to infringe EasyPlusPlus’s intellectual property rights, is considered a material breach of these licensing terms, which justifies EasyPlusPlus terminating the license agreement immediately.

The licensee undertakes to assist in the resolution of any infringements at no cost to EasyPlusPlus.

PDF technology powered by PDFTron SDK copyright © PDFTron™ Systems Inc., 2001-2021, and distributed by EasyPlusPlus ApS under license. All rights reserved.


Licensee accepts, upon use, that EasyPlusPlus maintains a record of contact person and contact information of licensee for the purpose of maintaining the agreement.

Licensee may not enter personal data into the Product. However, the product can be used for processing documents on the licensee’s system containing personal data.


Limitation of Liability

The product is provided without any guarantees of any kind, including for certain functionality.

Licensee bears full responsibility for the use of the Product.

EasyPlusPlus is solely responsible to the licensee in the event of gross negligence.

Under no circumstances is EasyPlusPlus responsible for any loss of expected profits, loss of data, damage to records or data or any other direct or indirect loss, including tangible documented accidental loss or otherwise for consequential loss resulting from by or in connection with the licensee’s use of the Product. EasyPlusPlus cannot be held responsible for indirect losses.

In all cases, EasyPlusPlus’s total liability for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with these license terms or use of the Product is limited to the license fee actually paid by Licensee for the Product in the last 12 months prior to the submission of an eligible complaint.

Furthermore, EasyPlusPlus is not liable to the licensee insofar as the cause of errors and consequential losses is due to circumstances beyond EasyPlusPlus’ control or which EasyPlusPlus should not have taken into account or otherwise should have avoided or overcome at the conclusion of the license agreement.

Unpredictable failure, delays or delays, strikes, lockouts, lack of transport facilities, restrictions from public authorities and similar events also relieve EasyPlusPlus of liability.


The term of the license agreement and termination

The license agreement is concluded for a 12-month period, unless otherwise agreed. A period is automatically extended by a new 12-month period if the license agreement is not terminated in writing by the licensee with a 3-month notice until the end of a 12-month period.

EasyPlusPlus can terminate the license agreement at any time with 3 months notice against any proportionate refund of license payment.



EasyPlusPlus may freely and without further notice transfer all or part of its rights and obligations to third parties, including to an ApS, A / S or other limited liability company.

Termination of the License Agreement

In the event of termination of the license agreement for whatever reason, the licensee must immediately and without compensation uninstall the Product, including destroying all copies made.


Upon entering into the license agreement, license fee is paid in advance for a 12-month period to EasyPlusPlus. If the license is not terminated, EasyPlusPlus is entitled to invoice the licensee approx. 1 month before the end of the period for the next 12-month period.

Law choice and venue

All disputes arising from this license relationship are governed by Danish law without regard to the principles of choice of law. Disputes are brought before the Court in Aarhus, unless the parties can agree otherwise.